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Sell Short Dollar General And Buy Becton Dickinson

This is the month of October, the most volatile of all months. The largest declines have fallen in this month, and stocks have usually closed on the upside by the 31st. One long and one short trade are recommended.

Dollar General

has historically been weak in October. In fact, it is the weakest of the twelve. The share price has responded well to both cycle buy signals and sell signals. All five sells and all four buys were profitable in the last year. The stock is likely to approach the $200 area.

Chart 1

Chart 2

The Becton Dickinson

weekly cycle bottoms now. All six buy and all six sell signals have been successful in the last year. The month of October has not been a weak one for this stock as it is for most shares. The stock is due to pop up to the $250-$255 area. The three months following October have seasonally been the most bullish for these shares so there may be some longer-term potential.

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